Nervous in Job Interviews


Does anyone get nervous in job interviews? My last one was ok but normally I’m quite bad. To be honest, I am not surprised I did not get some of those jobs I was interviewed for, they must have seen it on me. I think I need to prepare my self more for them.

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I dont know what happened to me in my life but somewhere along the lines my anxiety disappeared.

Go in like you interviewing them, to see if their company is good enough for you, :slight_smile:



When I was younger I was more outgoing and didn’t really mind interviews. I haven’t worked in years, though, and probably wouldn’t do so good at them now.



I can remember leaving school and being interviewed for a web design job, and I was fine.

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That’s so cool 1515

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I recommend getting a job coach. I think just about everybody can stand to improve with interviewing. It can be very tough.



I used to interview well but not any more.

I have blown some really good interviews last year.



For some strange reason I usually do good in interviews. I still use the same basic technique that I used when I was 17 and I applied for my first job. And got it.

Make good eye contact and dress nice.


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