Nervous about tomorrow

I’m nervous about my pdoc appointment tomorrow. I go see her with my new case manager. I don’t know if I can trust my new case manager. Anyway I want to ask about the haldol injection and see if she will put me on that instead of the pills.


I love the injection so much more than the pills. I have so many fewer side effects. I hope you can get switched over.


Best of luck with that. :slight_smile:
Why did you want to switch to injection over pills?

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Has your case manager ever given you a reason yer to not trust her?
If not at least give her a chance.

People do make honest mistakes…but if she listens to you and does something to fix it, then it’s not the worst thing to happen.
Good luck tomorrow!

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I’m on latuda pills and was on haldol too but the haldol was making things worse and so she took me off of them but now with still having symptoms I was on the haldol injection previously and it worked pretty good. But switching doctors and withdrawing from it was pure he’ll.

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Not really I’ve only met her once but I have gone through two now and I don’t want to deal with wondering if she is going to go too

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