Nervous about getting my hair done tomorrow

I’m getting a lot done, cut, bleach and fashion color.

It’s going to take all morning and cost a small fortune.

But my confidence is low now that I’ve gained some weight so I’m doing it.

I want this with fringe:


Pretty short fringe.

And all blue.

I’m hoping not to lose too much of the length.

I’ll take before and afters.

Wish me luck!


Good luck!

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Have fun @anon54386108! I hope you have a hairdresser that you like, as you will be spending a lot of time with them tomorrow! Cool idea for your hair too! How exciting and I am sure you will look great!


I hope it goes well for you! @anon54386108

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I’ve had my hair done by this stylist before and had to have a consultation for this appointment.

I’m pretty confident in her skill, just not sure if I can express exactly what I want.

And afraid my dark hair won’t lift enough to really see the blue.

We’ll see.

Thanks @anon97859349!


Yay!! I’m getting mine cut short like a pixie cut tomorrow

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Haircut buddies!

I’ll post before and afters,

You should if you’re comfortable with it.

I’d love to see your new hair.

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I’ll post a pic too

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