Nerd culture boom

I’m still extremely salty about how people are allowed to like need culture like anime, video games, cartoons, and tech in general nowadays and it’s “cool”.
A lot of my friends and I growing up were relentlessly bullied for having these interests and I even see kids cosplaying at school on the internet like it’s an every day thing when back then you only did that for something like spirit or pep rally weeks…

Am I the only one here who has noticed this? Any of the younger users here dealt with this?

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I think bullying still happens on the tech savvy peeps in school !

Maybe you just older and following your trends on social media ! They target your interests and communities hard for advertising and the memes off the tech community troll the shiit out of everyone and are very good at it. Maybe you just seeing that.


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Why would it make you salty? You should be glad that people can freely like the things you like without judgement. Same thing happened to me with video games and electronic music when I was young, I’m thankful for the acceptance.

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If you live long enough, you see and hear everything. Capitalism is infamous for making everything trendy, one season this is in style the next season the exact opposite. It makes no sense, it’s all about making money.


Im glad you can take it in a positive light, it’s just annoying to see the same people who made fun of me for my interests freaking playing c.o.d and watching naruto and whatnot like they never talked smack about it back in the day and just embraced it all of a sudden…
Idk I just find it frustrating , but my mean attitude probably just shows why I have only a handful of close friends irl hahahahaha

I was annoyed when WoW came out for the same reason. But I’m not a kid anymore, so I don’t care what the people who were bullies are into now. You should put it behind you. I understand the feeling, but you’re holding on to grudges from the past.


My teenage daughter is starting in person junior high for the first time next week. She is very into anime, socially awkward etc. I am very nervous that she will be bullied!


I was treated very badly for being like that at school.

To be honest, I would be glad if it has got a status now that means other people are not treated like ■■■■ for having these interests.

In the end I stopped going into class for my last few years. I used to just sign in first thing in the morning, and then walk out.

They tried to prosecute my parents, but because I signed in everyday, the court decided it was the schools fault for not stopping me. And did they try!

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Same. I’m glad it’s more acceptable now.

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