Neo liberalism, IAPT and psychiatry

Sometimes/often I think getting people just well enough to do some kind of work,however low paid and stressful, is the primary objective rather than the ability to work being but a possible consequence of receiving comprehensive help and support.
It’s hard to see the point of IAPT when it’s dumbed down to feed a neo- liberal model of the ideal citizen. Most therapists who willingly get involved in trying to push out ideal citizens of the State are ignorant and irresponsible fools.

I think there needs to be a balance between writing people off as was common in the 70s/80s etc, and the opposite we have now of thinking that people can work if you patch them up just a little bit.
It has gone from one extreme to another. We need a comprehensive, whole person, approach to mental health care that sees employment as a possible result of good treatment but not as the primary focus of treatment.

The country will not make it in globalization. Food service is the fastest growing profession in the US.

We have a strong backbone in technology… Someone is paying for all those meals.
We’re gonna be just fine.

Most of the technology jobs are being out sourced. I’m local to Microsoft. They are providing an onslaught of work visas send them home after being trained as managers and our gradually moving the company overseas. Maybe that’s not happening everywhere in the statesbut it is here.

Microsoft is too big for the states. There is a lot of room to grow out there.

I don’t see it as a bad thing that other countries benefit from big business.

That’s about as globalist as it gets.

I’m all for sharing the wealth but Americans are falling behind in education as it is. I know like two people that were skilled enough and got let go. They were too expensive. A tech job that paid 60 a year is now 30 and is only attractive/feasible to somebody who send a vast majority of that money home not even putting it back in the economy which is harming us.

Some of that money goes back to american company’s who sell products abroad.

Even more goes to multinational companies which benefits us as well.

How is that benefiting us? We are the most hated country in the world.

They way I see it, its three possibilities going here (and I’m no economist so bare with me):

  1. High taxes are forcing companies to go overseas and lower wages.

2)Corporate tycoons are really that greedy and unpatriotic.

3)Or both.

That’s not true. About the hate. We just have a reputation and people talk ■■■■.

I hope your right because trying to stop this would be like trying to use a pinto to stop a freight train dead in its tracks…

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