Neighbours won

neighbours won,

i have to stop letting people stay or they said they will terminate my tenancy.

I’m sorry daydreamer that sucks. Can you find a new place to live so you can continue your business?

If you have schizophrenia, neighbours always win. Best not to tangle with them if possible.

not really, if i had my own place i could do what i wanted but i am at the bottom of the ladder when it comes to things like that :frowning: i think you are lucky if you have anything if your like us :frowning:

True… Good luck daydreamer, hope things go better in the future.

i’m not aloud to do any dog boarding either i’ve been told, my support worker said i had to go to the job centre and talk to an adviser to be able to do anything and that scares the hell out of me, these are the people that sanction people on benefits all the time even if they are struggling, i cant even begin to imagine what they might do to me, part of me cares but part of me doesnt and thats the part that could get me into trouble,

i’ve been looking into swapping my flat as well and i found a flat in my area that looks nice but just dont know if he is interested in my flat, its closer to the shops than his place though so maybe.