Neighbours from hell

my neighbour has been really horrible to me so i am trying to think of ways to resolve the situation as i dont want it to escalate, so what i did was moved the rota away from outside my door and made it less visible, however she moved it back to a worse place which was right in my face, so i moved it back to less visible place again,

i have been looking at my tenancy agreement and i was thinking of making up my own rota for the garden lol, she never helps in the garden and i have been, so it seems fair she should help out in the garden too :slight_smile: so i was going to put that in the less visible place as well,

what do you think?


What is a rota? A rota tiller?


Its basically when we should be cleaning the stairs, i have cleaned them before but i hate doing it bc i get anxious, so i have been focusing more in the garden.

like i cleaned some of the patio and a couple of bins but today i got a hose and some attachments so we can all use it in the garden and i can get the pressure washer over to do the bins and patio and walls.

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i wrote the Neighbour a friendly letter today and was trying to be nice but she came to my door saying ‘this is rubbish!’ and ‘i will not rest until’ blah blah blah, i said i dont want to talk to you anymore and shut the door on her, so its really pissed me off,

she also keeps puting the rota back on the window next to my door and i got fed up moving it so i’ve just taken it inside :frowning: its horrible like why do we have to put up with these nuisance neighbours anyway :frowning:

its really starting to affect me now :frowning:

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sorry to keep going with this but my neighbour confronted me again tonight infront of my friends, i told her i didnt want to speak to her and to go away then i shut the door, i was so angry bc my friends were there and she was looking for a fight so i phoned the cops on her for harassment.

I also got another parking ticket which i will pay bc i dont want my mum getting any letters, i’m thinking of getting a permit too :slight_smile:

My cousin went to hell on a scholarship.

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What kind of neighbor is she?! Sounds like she needs to start doing her own thing instead of bullying you. I’m sorry you have to put up with her, some people are crazier than crazy :yum:

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I was the only one that used to mop the stairs in my communal building. But after getting moaned at by the bloke down stairs for sweeping muck near his door, i havent touched them. I keep to myself in my flat and try to engage as little as possible with them, some can be nosey anyway.


And when I moved into my new apartment, I immediately met and made friends (or acquaintanceships), with six of my neighbors. One of my neighbors only grunted when I said hi to him. But he is known to be a curmudgeon.

■■■■■■■ neighbors… Godzilla

just trying to not let it bother me but it is hard,

Monday i pick up a donation cheque for my charity and then at night i have police over to discuss the harrassment :frowning:

thats hows its been lately really mixed, seems to be more bad than good :frowning:

i’m getting a bit panicky about my neighbours :frowning: its very unsettling, one of them called me a troublemaker this morning :frowning: its not nice, i dont cause trouble :confused:

I live with people where they cuss at me off and on. Bless you. I hope you get the neighbors off your back.hugs

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its making me unwell :frowning:

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I understand. There must be some resolution. Why can’t they compromise? They don’t call you names do they?

its more mind games than anything, i cant take much more, its not a symptom it is very real, the police are coming tomorrow, i am very worried about it all :frowning:

See what the police say about it. Where are you from?

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idk why these ■■■■■ are fkn with me like this :frowning: they can go to hell :frowning: i’m trying my best and they are trying to fk with it all, they say love thy neighbour, i’m not feeling it tbh :frowning:

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how my neighbours make me feel

i dont understand the lyrics but summertime sadness is very apt

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