Neighbors say they can read my mind through a hacked phone

I hear them almost all day talking about me.
The voices/people are all external and very audible which is concerning.
I can hold my breath and think of something inside my mind and they will reply to it(no privacy at all).
They play with me all day tricking, insulting and threatening me.
They say I’m talking out loud but I asked someone and they say that I’m not.

From a rating of 1-10 how bad is this form of psychosis?.

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welcome to the forum…

i’m not sure how to rate it myself… maybe someone else can do it.

Hi welcome! Sounds similar to what I went through, I’d say it’s pretty severe since your hearing audible voices?

Why do you want people to rate your psychosis?

It’s psychosis, but it can be very treatable and manageable IF you are willing to be completely honest with your treatment providers and follow their directions faithfully. This means you may have to take meds you hate as directed until you are stable enough they can dial back doses to a more tolerable level.

I was in a similar situation to you many years ago. Now I’m out working and functioning in the community and living a good life, but doing so as someone who is med-compliant. There is definitely hope.

Welcome to the community.

I had the same problem its horrible i coudnt even sleep its worse than it sounds it got bad enough for me to get hospitalized so i would say its 10.

Idk 10 would be those schizophrenics killing ppl bcz they think others are aliens etc

Yes, there are killer schizophrenics who are unmedicated and kill people during their first psychotic episode. Very unfortunate.

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Better ask your psychiatrist. My positive symptoms disappeared completely on meds and I was violent sometimes off meds bcz I was too paranoid and irritable. Schizophrenia is one of the worst diseases out there. I would say that users on this forum are those doing good compared to those who refuse meds and those who are treatment resistant.

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We had many cases here. Last one I saw on the news was on last year’s Halloween’s night, killed 3 ppl and injured 7 with a sword. They filmed him in the street at night, he was disguised as a white ghost and was walking with a big sword. Was pretty scary, couldn’t watch the whole video.

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@Aziz There was a beheading of a passenger in a greyhound bus around Winnipeg. Another story I read was stabbings in a party at a university in Calgary. Lastly, there was a slashing at a Costco but forgot where.

All these cases were “not criminally responsible” (NCR)

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I think they put them in a forensic psychiatric hospital for a long time for rehab. Some never go out of these hospitals and die there. I am happy that meds helped me.

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I know that the Winnipeg case, the schizophrenic was released into the public with medication. The schizophrenic Calgary student has been confined to a psychiatric hospital for an indefinite amount of time. The schizophrenic man in the Costco slashing is now free and roaming around on medication.

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