Neighbors Good or Bad

I hung out with a couple of my neighbors tonight. I’ve lived her for almost 2 years and that was the longest I’ve ever talked to any of my neighbors. It’s ok I guess. Just I hate any type of drama, and these seem like drama people. Most people seem to feed off drama. They were nice though and gave me some dog food that their dog wouldn’t eat. But I don’t know. I have a hard time making friends, maintaining relationships and figuring out who to trust. I’m gullible and I just don’t want to be taken advantage of. But when story after story ends with “I told them I’d sue” or “I called the cops” or “they stole my ■■■■”, I just think wtf. I keep thinking I’m the crazy one, but maybe it’s the world.

How do you guys deal with neighbors?

It’s the world.


my neighbors hate me

they know im insane so have nothing to do with me

I almost think that would be easier. They would just leave you alone…hopefully.

My new counselor said something to the effect that schizophrenia is a sane reaction to an insane world. I liked that.

me too…seriously. …my neighbors despise me

Size 'em up by observing to see/hear/feel/perceive to recognize to acknowledge to accept to appreciate to understand… and transcend if necessary. Most people are blind, deaf and dumb, even if they make loud noises. (Half the planet has an IQ measured in two digits, and all that.) Because they believe what they are told by the “authorities” (“As Seen on TV!”).

If one stops and thinks about it, one is under no obligation whatsoever to believe what one is told. Don’t we do better to find out for ourselves? To use our eyes, ears and other senses to comprehend what actually is? (Which doesn’t mean one has to try to get everyone else to see it that same way. Just go find out for yourself.)

(I know. Same old rant, but this particular rant is the one that yanked my sorry ### up out of the snake pit, so I’m gonna stick with it for a while longer.)

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