Neighbor update

I am disheartened to report that I think the neighbors also are ex crank heads. they act burnt…now they are daily bringing over her terrible cooking and angie eats it because we don’t like to waste food but she said “chicken enchiladas” she made it with biscuit dough and canned chicken…sorry I am a foodie and I won’t eat that stuff. I texted her and said that since they were so poor and didn’t have much food for them to keep their food instead of sharing because we have plenty of food…she said I won’t bother you again. and I said don’t feel like you are bothering me. she said ok. was I too harsh on them? the schizophrenic husband isn’t taking his meds as usual as he should and it shows…he’s been turned down for his social security and on repeal but he thinks social security is after him…and he has a wild look in his eyes. I am not scared of him because he is mentally ill but he is a big man and I would hate to have to wrestle him is all I am saying…he could overtake me if he wanted to.


I don’t know how you said it. It depends on the tone you used. When you see them again thank them with a smile for their food. Tell them it meant a lot to you but that you’re not comfortable taking food from people who need it. If you’ve been there before yourself say so. Say, I’ve been where you are so I get it. And then thank them again.


Hmmm. That’s tough one. Bringing up being poor might have been a little tactless of you even though you meant well. But on the other hand, you were actually tactful because you refrained from saying, “Hey you’re food is crappy, keep it for yourself because it tastes like s*it and it’s so bad I wouldn’t even feed it to my dog.” So you get a few points for trying to spare their feelings.


A lot can be mistranslated in text and come off the wrong way. I dont know the rest of the nieghbor story, (if you’ve beem posting it?), but women are very sensitive about cooking.

If you like them, then just make sure you are nice to her next time you see her. Maybe compliment something she is wearing.

It sounds like you dont care for her company much, and that is fine, but it is always best to keep peace with nieghbors if possible.

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Dude, you’re not their personal therapist. It’s not your job to be their all-knowing guide on how to manage schizophrenia. Being around that every day is going to get exhausting. It’s good of you to want to be nice to them, but your priority has to be your own health, you know?

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@ninjastar yes good point. He makes me nervous…to make up with them I brought over my chess set to show them. It’s from Mexico and I’ve had it since the seventies…really pretty cool…the husband wanted to play me a game and I did and he beat the pants off of me. haha anyways, now I think I can retreat for a good while without them knowing I’m avoiding them.