Negativity rules?


i have had some cognitive behavioral therarpy.
And it learns that there are only 4 basic emotions
Sad,Fear,angry,and Happy

So if this is right than there is a 25% chance of being happy, while
the negative basic feelings are way more dominant.
I myself find it an eye opener, that our foundations of being have
so much negativity too begin with.

your toughts.?


How often are you happy?

I think I dont really feel too many emotions except for feeling empty at times. I have seen everything in my 20 years except for romantic love, I never “experimented” with sex in high school and I have only dated girls for about a month tops, one a little longer.

It gets me because I am very driven and rather headstrong to be honest, I am really obsessed with my studies in college and I’m one of those workout crazies. The gym I go to is called “No ■■■■■■■■”, i kid you not. It’s a hardcore powerlifting gym where everyone is screaming and lifting heavy, heavy weights. I have good friends but I dont party or drink anymore so it’s hard to find a girl who is interested in someone who doesnt let loose and get drunk.

there’s a quote from a japanese anime classic about samurai that goes like this- “a brandished sword needs a sheath”, telling the most aggressive of the clan to find wives.

But I figure that I am too mature for most college girls and they just want to have fun, they dont value stability, they rather party and wake up hungover on a couch somewhere and repeat.

Sucks, but most of my happiness comes from peaceful moments, psychosis free days and hard work in school. I do believe that life is suffering, but once this is realized, much more can be seen amidst the undeniable suffering that each day inevitably brings. Even living despite suffering is enough to make me feel satisfied some days.

End preaching/ rant

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Well, if I forget the Fire, Ice, Magic and Disease for this one and just look at magnetism most of us deal wit negative forces in our lives so we try to be positive to make our beautiful earth. But really you all need to be negative so we have a place to live within.



““howcome do we all need too be negative, so you have a place too live within.””
Are you a parasite that feeds with negative energy?



Well maybe you are satisfied wit where you are in yer life but how woul “feel” if you were violently ass raped for year?



I was given the metaphor that my emotional range was like the small box of crayons. Just the primary colors. Red, Yellow, Blue, Black and White.

But from those primary colors, all the other shades are made. So as I’ve gotten better and healed and gotten stronger, my box of crayons grew. Now, instead of just the thee colors, I have 64. Only I don’t know how to use them all, relate to them or clearly see them.

As I get better still, as I have more therapy and I grow up, I’ll learn how to better use what is in my box.

SZ I think just took away the ability to feel everything but primary feelings. But eventually, as we heal, and we are shown love again, shown contentment again, I think those feelings come back. We just have to relearn them.

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im sorry i didnt know



that is positive, good for you



a graph or a pie chart can not determine happiness.
i try and aim between sadness and happiness which is contentment, it is easier to reach and achieve.
why climb mount Everest , when you can climb the hill next to it.
take care



I don’t know about you, but I’ve lost a lot of feelings due to my illness. There is way more emotions than the 4 you mentioned. Negative emotions include feeling dismal, depressed, sorrow, hopeless, frustrated. Don’t let your negativity swell up inside you, that is the worst. I can count my happy moments in a given day, they are literally about 4-5. Not as much as I’d like but at least they are there. When I smoke a good joint. I walk into a store with super positive happiness and I can see myself affecting others moods positively. Then I saw a bunch of greasy looking folks that just sapped my energy immediately. Keep your head up, smile and if its with another person its amplified.



I wonder if that math is right? I don’t think you’re gaurenteed any certain emotion. I don’t think they are neatly distributed by fourths and that we are gaurenteed to feel anything. So I I don’t think it’s a 25% chance. It’s not always chance. You can do things to make you happy, you can do things to lessen fear, anger,and sadness.