Negative thoughts

It works instantaneous(when it does work) for me. But I generally think positive about how I am and what I do so it isn’t much of a step. Honestly, the better you take care of yourself (Mentally and Physically), the better off you are. Sicknesses and Treatments are shorter and your life can keep going with barely even a bump.

I wonder if this is a characteristic of negative symptoms.

It could be but all Delta and Theta waves are are the dominant brainwaves when you sleep. With delta being REM. I think it has to do more with positive symptoms(other than being sleepy during the day). You can technically hear and see things in your dreams, so maybe the dominant Delta waves are instigating that. It could also explain your lack of energy although in my case, my mood determines what I want to do. The brain chart that my neurofeedback therapist gave me says that the back right of your brain(T6) has to do with motivation.

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I just tried your mantra practices, and I really enjoyed them. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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