Negative Symptoms

I had those symptoms when I first had my relapse about a month and so, it is the sz symptoms, which they lasted for a week this time, I got horrible psychosis after that period of time , then the symptoms had changed to other symptoms, now they are starting to be a little distant now, I’m feeling better.
I got no taste of food sometimes it feels like shoving fluffy plastic in my mouth and stomach, especially when I’m in a bad mood, no motivation and no power to do anything useful, losing memory, even losing my self, and can’t find the right words in my speech like saying salt instead of paper, or saying table instead of bathtub and I keep going through that loop of lost words, but for me it didn’t last, I was soooo paranoid at that time and so much alerted, what your having is a stage of sz…if you can surpass some of your paranoia maybe you can regain the feeling of your self again…good luck

They are coming out with bitopertin which is for negative symptoms but it won’t be available for a year or two. I have been on it as part of a trial. I call it my happy pills because I’m so much happier on it.


Hey, zengarden I can hardly wait. I hope my plan offers it. It might be pretty expensive.

No but my doctor is seriously considering one. Which of the symptoms do you have?

I am lucky to have the nondeficit subtype of paranoid schizophrenia. I was aggressive and psychotic but very together and sharp and active. I find it hard to imagine the negative symptoms, I had the opposite. My medication can make me pretty blah but i drink enough coffee to keep alert and active.

No. 1,4 + 6. although your symptoms might be caused by depression. Many people who take antipsychotics also take antidepressants. Don’t ask me why they are necessary. I don’t know. I just know they can make a big difference in your experience. Once you find the right one + right dose.

I checked those three on the current list(i changed it) those are pretty impossible to deal with like ahnedonia no pleasure no emotion etc. Are you planning to give your current medication some more time before switching?

I’ve tried almost all of them. What I’m on is the best I’ve taken it for about 20 years. I’m not all that unhappy. I’m waiting to try biopertin. If it doesn’t work I can live with it. There are some positives in my life - mostly my writing.

Yeah: that is a tough one. I have been plagued for most of my life with negative symptoms like lack of motivation and so forth. It is really hard too. I have been on abilify and zyprexa and now where I live thoose medicines are not available. I am in Cambodia and all they have here is haldol. It does the trick but kills the sex drive. I am lucky my wife doesn’t care too much about sex. We already have two children and the last time we got pregnant I stopped my medicine for six month prior just to get my sex drive back. decompensated too and ended up in the psyche ward.

When I was on haldol I had extreme restlessness. Also I didn’t enjoy things I was numb to any feeling. I was on haldol shots, and as the haldol came out my system I started to enjoy things more, but still not as much as when I was normal. How do you feel on haldol?

I’m using Haldol.

Due to the depersonalization and negative symptoms, currently I’m home, feeling very anxious, I have no desire to do things, for example: I have no desire to read books, play games, listen to music, watch movies … There are moments that I listen to some music, or something else, but not the same intensity as before…

How could I explain? I take no pleasure in doing things, as it had before.

Hi Spokety: I was just switched to resperidol, another antipsychotic and it works alot better for me. the haldol just made me feel drugged

I thought Cambodia only had haldol. Can you elaborate how it makes you feel?

I am also experiencing some of these negative symptoms for a couple of months. Inability to experience pleasure, extreme boredom and difficulty findings things to say in a conversation, lack of motivation etc. My doc just raised up my geodon from 20mg to 40mg, so we’ll say if anything changes.

Is it manegable or are you suffering?

At some points it can be suffering but after a while i start to feel better throughout the day. During the day i have my ups and downs. Though the extreme boredom kicks my ass and drives me crazy sometimes. I’ve had the feeling like i don’t want to do anything.

What would happen if risperdal and haldol gave you terrible side effects and you couldn’t take it anymore?

Contact your doctor about the bad side effects. The doc will probably want you to try a new type of medication and find one that fits right for you.

I am on prolixin, an older antipsychotic med…there are no side effects, risk of tardive dyskenisia, but just as much as the other meds I’ve learned…you might try it…I have amazing energy and don’t feel like meds affect me at all…I feel like I did before I got sick, without the delusional paranoia…just sayin’…

But I’m just asking you since you said they only have a couple of meds available in your country.