Negative symptoms what drug?

What drug did help you with negative symptoms?I used to use zyprexa and it was much better than seroquel but i became fat :frowning: I lost it now and I am taking amisulpride(200)+seroquel(300).

I was in pretty deep with the negative symptoms… until Latuda pulled me out of it.

i have them also… my ex pdoc was saying to me that ill always suffer from them, yeah :/…
i am on zyprexa now and i am fat yes

So do you think latuda is good med?

I have been feeling “dead” lately - No Energy, Lack of Pleasure. Lack of Motivation, Zapped of all Energy - Just feeling lifeless.

I am going to ask my psychiatrist for a med that brings back some life in me - I cannot live this way, I go to sleep at 6 pm crashing on the couch - I feel like a frickin Vegetable!

My therapist feel that it is Depression hitting me hard in this way - Not a lot of sadness just feeling lifeless!

I may go back on a low dose of Lamictal, it gave me some Energy and was pretty good at helping my depression.

It made me a bit Hypomanic, but ill will take this over being a Vegetable any day !!!

I just made a thread about this. I started taking Ginko Biloba and it is helping me so much you have no idea. I’m perplexed about it