Negative symptoms or ADD?

How do you know that you don’t have ADD? I’m thinking I might have but then again it could just be negatives? What do you say?

ADD - Lack of attention
Negatives - Lack of Motivation and enjoyment, pleasure. feel flat, blunt, apathy. Social deficit

I think negatives are very clear to you if you have them.

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I have difficulties starting new tasks, everything feels like an effort, I have poor memory, chores feel like a burden, people think I’m lazy, people think I’m absent minded.

I don’t know??! It’s probably negatives. I can’t be prescribed stimulants anyways.

I doubt you are lazy.

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I never thought about it. Maybe I can’t watch TV because I’m ADD. My mind just wanders and I lose track of the plot. I can barely pay attention at all.


Yes, I’m lazy. I postpone everything.

People with ADD CAN do things and enjoy it.
They just jump from things to things all day.
They are not bed / sofa ridden.

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Ok! Then I don’t have it!

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