Negative symptoms much better

My negs have improved exponentially. two things happened to facilitate this, one i added on the antidepressant fluvoxamine which has been found to be an effective treatment for primary negatives. two i have reduced from 30 to 20 aripiprazole dose daily. the amounts of emotion im feeling are amazing, i feel so great all the time. i don’t know which of the two changes to attribute this to.

other changes; i have more motivation, i don’t spend the whole day masturbating and obsessing about sex, i don’t have the intense anxiety and worry all the time, i have interesting spontaneous and original thoughts again, i am more comfortable in pressuring social situations.

i’ve just started school and can honestly say my life is turning in a positive direction, i think i may be going into remission. the only issue is that ive still been having psychotic episodes at random times, i actually had one in arabic class at the university today, lets just say it wasn’t fun.

life is finally starting to shape up and the negatives seem to have left for good


That’s wonderful! Congratulations.

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How long ago did you start fluvoxamine?

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I’m glad you found the right med combo for yourself. I’m happier with abilify than injectable. I still suffer from symptoms from time to time.

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Sounds fantastic, glad you found something that worked for you. I don’t think I even realized how debilitating my negative symptoms were until geodon took them away and I felt LIBERATED like I could do things and think and was excited for things again. It was very hard to lose that when I had to go off and I hope I find luck again with this like you did.

Abilify definitely made my neg symptoms a lot worse so it makes sense reducing your dosage would help w them

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