Negative Symptoms/Family Living Apart

Well my negative symptoms have been causing a lot of stress on my family lately. I have been fighting it, but the apathy, anhedonia, and avolition has proved to be a tough beast to defeat. Today, I was able to shower and take the garbage out, which is a lot for me lately. I do take care of my son, but I feel like my wife is doing most of the work as I’m zombified. Before I got sick, I was working and going to school, living life. I love my family, but today my wife suggested that I think about keeping our relationship while living apart. I think the goal is to get me focused on myself and not on so much every day.

I have mixed feelings about this but I will do anything. It’s my family’s choice but what do you guys think?

Well… as an outsider looking in… is there any family therapy maybe that might help? Or some CBT?

I’m a bit of a romantic and love it when families can stick together… but maybe between your wife and your doc you can come up with an idea?

Would you be living with other family… like parents or adult siblings… or would your family be supporting two separate households?

Maybe a med change might help? Negative’s are hard to bust out of… I needed meds and therapy to get moving again.

This is a very tough call… I wish your entire family all the best.


A good goal-but what do YOU think?

Bible study can get rid of negative symptoms, mabey you should try it.
Kind Regards.

Bible-trolling. Just another risk of doing business on a mental health forum.

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Try sarcosine,maybe it will help you.

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Thanks for the input, everyone. We were thinking about supporting two households, which is an idea big enough for opinions from experienced people such as yourselves. There is much love in this family and we’d do anything to make things work. We decided on living in separate rooms for now. I guess a lot of mentally ill couples do. I’m also going to look into sarcosine. I know that NMDA receptors are spread out fairly evenly in the brain, so it might just have an effect (possibly a good one) on the right circuits. Negative symptoms, in my opinion, are just as debilitating as the positive symptoms that doctors want treated right away. How are you guys managing with yours? Any other families who’ve worked out a way to live in harmony with these problems? I don’t think bible study is for me. I respect it and I’m open to all views, but religion is at the center of some of my delusional thinking.Take care, cheers.

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I am bipolar, so I have UPs!!!.. and downs, very much like the pos and neg symptoms of sz. (I am sometimes almost unable to function at all, though far less often than I used to be, and always as the result of jamming my autonomic nervous system for days or even weeks before the parasympathetic branch can no longer get the thing rebalanced.)

I started using MBSR several years ago, then ACT, then DBT (including its emotional regulation skill set), after which I began to use the 10 StEPs. I still take a low dose of Seroquel, but no longer need a mood stabilizer.




10 StEPs


My wife is currently doing DBT therapy and she’s come a long way. It’s truly amazing that you got to a point where you don’t need a mood stabilizer. The Seroquel is working for me, but who knows for how long. I’m going to take advantage of therapy in this window of opportunity. Thanks for your input.

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I’m glad you two are working through all this and you don’t have to move out…

I bet it’s hard work keeping a family together…

Really happy to hear that something is moving in the right direction.


People usually do on that stuff. DBT is called “the current Cadillac of psychotherapy” for many good reasons.

Thank you @SurprisedJ. She is now getting support from the community to be stronger for the challenges we face as a family, which really makes me feel cared about. My pdoc says that as long as I have this insight into my illness, take my meds properly, and continue with therapy, I will likely remain high functioning.

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that sounds like the winning combo… :thumbsup:

keep the insight…
support of a family…

also… don’t be ashamed to accept help when you need it… that was a hard one for me…