Negative symptoms - bag of tricks

Some things that helped me out, and keep doing so, feel free to share yours.

  • Think of lack of motivation, lack of confidence as a delusion. Many of you have tackled delusions in the past and are left with negative symptoms: think of them as once more being deluded, this time about your own capacities.

  • If you like reality checking, do so here as well accordingly: trust others’ judgment of your own capabilities. I don’t mean just anyone. But if your therapist or some loved one who knows you fairly well thinks you can do X, trust them.

  • No we don’t just magically know better than anyone what we can and cannot do. We have been deluded before, we can be so now.

  • Commit yourself to projects. From nothing, nothing comes. Commit yourself to projects, also, perhaps precisely those suggested to you by others. Be a bit more like Jim Carrey in Yes Man.

  • Make use of the force of shame that can come with negative symptoms. Shame can provide that little push of motivation. Like when you have committed to some project with someone else, shame of not showing up can make you do it. Make use of this.

  • Therefore, involve others in whatever you feel you would want to do but don’t think you have the strength for.

  • When you think you really try something, think again. Sitting on your butt going over the pros and cons of doing X is NOT the same as trying. This is messing with yourself and making yourself miserable. Trying is taking minor steps towards doing it. Break the task down in however small steps necessary and take them. Like putting one foot in front of the other, when going to the bathroom to brush your teeth or something. May look ridiculous, ah well, sz is ridiculous.

  • Don’t drown in thoughts of not being understood by people who push you beyond what seems you are capable of. This is ofcourse a bit harsh as a general rule, but again, when they’re loved ones or therapists, it is very likely they have best intentions and also a good grasp of what you’re capable of. Whereas when dealing with negatives, we are not (again, we have residual delusions about our capacities). It may hurt when they push you. It may hurt you to tears. No pain no gain. You’ll feel much better once you’ve succeeded the task at hand.

  • Go through the motions, instead of waiting for motivation to be sprinkled all over you like fairy dust. Fake it till you make it. No need to enjoy things for now, we need to get ■■■■ done, and then enjoyment will come later.


Good post flybottle

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I really like the idea of looking at the lack of motivation as a delusion of our own capacity. I’m definitely going to work at that way of thinking.

I needed this post to get me moving. Thanks man