Negative symptom or Cynicism?

I have both suspiciousness and hostility toward people. Besides being called “Nerd” because of preference to dealing with machine rather than socializing, I have got myself another label as “Cynic” for distrusting others’ motives and lacking faith in the surrounding people.

What do you think? Is it negative symptom or simply my attitude?


I think it is a psychotic symptoms,i experience suspiciousness and hostillity towards people,even to my closest most trusted people like my father and mother.Luckily my dad and mum already got use to this behavior,my dad and mum spend the most time with me

The medicine must be not working for me, as I continuing to have this symptom.

Plumber,i had this symptoms that you mentioned like suspicious of other and distrust of people in general…but my medication had stopped my disorganized thinking,disorganized speech,now I speak better,i don’t know how to solve the problem you mentioned,i remember I mentioned to my psychiatrist before and he doesn’t say anything

Cynicism is not a negative symptom of schizophrenia. It’s more of a way of thinking. Negative symptoms including no motivation, difficulty speaking, etc. The word “negative” is a little misleading in that sense.

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My cynicism varies. Sometimes I think people are no better than pirana. Other times not so bad. On the cynicism side - there have been six times in the twentieth century that at least a million people have been murdered - Pol Pot in Cambodia, the Chinese killing a million Tibetans, the Japanese in their rampage through the orient, Hitler’s rampage, Joseph Stalin in Russia, and the Chinese cultural revolution. On the other hand, scientists have saved untold millions of lives developing vaccines for the diseases that have plagued humanity. I guess it evens out.

@Plumber. If it makes you feel any better, I think you are a good guy just like you are. You are intellegent, and you are an asset to the forums. So what if you like machines? I don’t think you are a nerd or a cynic.

Thank you for your compliment. Maybe I am tired today and start thinking negatively about myself.

A lot of people are cynics. But in our cases there is a fine line between cynicism and paranoia. I think that while cynicism has doubt behind it, paranoia has a whiff of fear behind it.


Ohhhh… good point… I didn’t even think of it like that. Paranoia sparks the distrust and the cynicism.

I know my symptoms do raise and lower due to my mood. If I’m not feeling well, my mood is down… my opinion of others is low and it all just circles further inward.

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