Negative Self Talk

When the demon talks to me it’s just like in this video when David is talking to the guy. Though he actually hasn’t talked to me in a while. The one night when I wasn’t doing well he was screaming at me to burn myself with cigarettes. The only thing I have now is negative self talk when I’m with my boyfriend. The self talk hates my boyfriend and wants me to break up with him. Does anybody experience anything like that or like this video?

I have negative self talk, posetive, fantasy, futuristic self talk, thats what i do when i am alone i cant help with it, my mind just pops up images of events that i feel talking and discussing by myself. Unfortunately there is no medication for it, even if i take all of the antipsychotic medication, i will still have that symptom.

My negative self talk, and my voices do amp up when I’m with my girlfriend sometimes. I am so glad she’s patient and understanding.

I do look at how her life is and wonder how in the world and why in the world she chose to hang with me.

But she is by my side by choice. So I do tell myself that. I’m not forcing her or doing anything to her. Actually, when good things happen to me, the negative talk amps up.

maybe there is a piece of me that still feels very unworthy and it hits hard when I’m too happy or feeling like it’s all going to work out after all. There is a piece of my brain that is either afraid to succeed, or doesn’t think I’m good enough.


That’s a really good point! This relationship is such a positive thing no wonder the negative self talk starts. I’m so afraid I’m going to say something out loud. How do you know if you’re hearing voices cause that was my other thought that the self talk is really a hallucination? :sunny:

The negative self talk is in my own voice and happens when she and I are just sitting together watching a sunset or having a quiet moment.

The voices are that of my kid sis when she was a little girl They like to hit before I see my girlfriend or they amp up in the worst possible intimate moments and it’s a different volume, voice, everything.

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Thanks for that clarification. I don’t think it’s voices because it’s in my own voice. I wonder if it’s a symptom of psychosis. Something to ask the pdoc. :sunny: