Negative effects of saphris

What’s the negative effects of saphris

Saphris didn’t have much of an effect on me good or bad, the only thing I noticed was the horrible taste and the fact that it’s sublingual so I went from being normal to a zombie in 2 minutes flat, it was scary as hell.

Well, I’ve been on it for about a year and half now. I like it… but the pitfalls are: I’ve lost some sense of taste I think from the sublingual, which may actually be helping the weight loss/maintenance aspect of it. At first I got constipated but more fiber in my diet helped and no more issues with that. The first few months had restless legs after taking Saphris, which was annoying until I fell asleep but now this isn’t an issue. 20mg which is the therapeutic dose did nothing for me, went up to 30mg and it worked wonders. Only issue at 30mg was sleep, was sleeping like 12+ hours, but would wake up clear headed, not groggy,zombie like I would on other AP’s. When I miss a dose of it I don’t sleep at all so its kind of messed me up there. Hope this helps. Like I said I like it, its the best AP I’ve tried (also tried Risperdal, Clozaril and 1 other can’t remember name).

I am currently on Risperdal, but my psychiatrist said that I might have to get off of the Risperdal because of concerning health issues caused by the Risperdal.

She suggested I try Saphris, but I dont know if I could handle it, because its sublingual and it tastes like ■■■■, supposedly.

Honestly Saphris has proven itself to be more effective than placebo but less effective than Zyprexa - I really dont know if I will get a positive response from taking it - I dont want to get destabilized.

Restless legs is a pretty common side effect with it, I do realize that it might go away in time.

It is supposed to be pretty weight neutral and poses a smaller Diabetes risk than Zyprexa and Risperdal

Safaris comes in black cherry flavored. It tastes kind of like moorland sweet.

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I hear from others, that the black Cherry flavor still tastes like ■■■■.
I also hear that Saphris can numb your tongue and mouth for like an hour or more!

I really dont want to be tortured while taking my meds :smile:

Saphris is very sedating for several hours after you take it. The taste in your mouth is horrible and irritating and won’t go away until the morning. Go with latuda.