Negative dreams

Most of my dreams are very negative. They’re either about me in life threatening situations or me getting rejected by women. A lot of my dreams are me in past situations failing. Does anyone else get negative dreams?

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I just had a very negative dream last night.
It was full of dark symbolism.

My dreams aren’t always so negative.

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My dreams are so tame. Barely negative ever, even when I had miserable headaches. But I pray like constantly. Probably does something for my dreamspace.


My PTSD did this to me. Therapy helped a ton. My therapist helped me learn to question negative narratives in my head, and then I started doing it when I was asleep, too. The bad memory starts up, and I think “that is in the past, I don’t have to live through it again” and then just fly away.

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Right. PTSD…15

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I guess my advice would be to start changing the narrative of your waking hours, and hope that it translates into changing the narrative while you are asleep, too.

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Yes, sleep and wake.

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