Need your feedback please

Need your feedback on this please. I’m sceptical , but freely admit I’m not brain of Britain when it comes to such matters. One of my granddaughters saw it mentioned on Facebook, and thinks it might be good for my balance problems.

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Based on independent reviews, it may work but it’s no miracle. So I’m on the fence about it

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Have done the preliminary test with and without the test patch on . I’m still puzzled as to what trying to resist as my stepdaughter tried to push my arms downwards has to do with balance, but I’'m very far from knowledgeable about this kind of thing . I couldn’t notice much difference with the patch on, but granddaughter and stepdaughter thought there was. Got to do it again in 24 hours . This is a test to see if it’s worth getting the insoles.

Physio is coming to the flat on the 8th of next month to see how I’m doing. . My stepdaughter is thinking of inquiring about a wet chair for me on account of my balance problems. She’s concerned about my balance and getting out of the bath. .

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