Need to watch my negative thoughts

Who has lots of negative and unhelpful thoughts?

I need to watch my unhelpful and negative thoughts…rather not say it out…

I try and challenge them. It works sometimes but can also spark an internal argumentation. I have them pretty much all the time. I told my therapist last time that when she said she thought I was a nice person, I started getting all of these nasty flashbacks. It seems cruel that all of these things happen to put you down.

Must say though, Abilify seems to have gotten rid of my intrusive thoughts that I had constantly for a few months after my dose of Olanzapine was dropped.

negative thoughts and catastrophic thinking creeps up on me everyday. I have to fight it down… think of the things that are going right… try and find the logic in the situation and not just give into the doom and gloom…

Negative thoughts and Catastrophic thinking can reduce my motivation a lot… It’s easy to feel slumped when my brain is saying nothing will help… it’s all bad.

If your journaling… maybe write out a few pages of things that have made you happy and are going well… and maybe that will help you push away the negative thoughts.

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I think that I have created a constant conflict within my own mind from isolating too much in where I have to see things from the two sides of the coin so as not to lose touch with any perspectives and views of reality and other conflicts of interest going on in our world today, and there are some very serious disagreements going on in OUR world that we should ALL be a part of resolving peacefully. I handle it well and am still creating a formula for thinking through the arguments and I probably could be an excellent diplomat for real if I could just hold it together in my own mind first. Mans way of solving it is to just kill the other guy so there won’t be an argument anymore. Simple, but a rather primitive instinctual way of resolving the issues. I would describe it as crude but effective like our own Sun that shines on both the wicked and the good.

Do you feel the olanzapine caused these thoughts? Is the abilify still helping?

@LovelyCreature This was four years ago! Abilify didn’t work out in the end as I was put in hospital shortly after being started on it. :woman_zombie::zombie::woman_zombie::zombie::woman_zombie:

I feel the zyprexa is causing these bad thoughts too!

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