Need to make a big decision with meds

i currently dont have insurance and the med im on (paliperidone) is way too expensive even with goodrx.

i have a few days of it left until i run out and while i like the idea of not needing meds i know that i will go nuts if i stop, also ive had alot of different symptoms since switching meds which may be in part due to benzo withdrawal.

i just remembered i may have a full month of olanzapine (my old med) and im wondering if i should start taking it again when i run out even tho its not optimal as i dont want to put on any weight again, lost 60 pounds in the first few months of switching meds but im still like 290 pounds so i cant really afford to gain anymore weight, also cant afford to lose my mind because i get suicidal alot and now on this new med it doesnt work as well. another thing im worried about is that if i stop meds i may need a higher dose if i start them again and may have more symptoms even when back on meds, like i did when i stopped before so it doesnt really seem worth it to chance it as the 3 times ive stopped ive always ended up back on meds

i feel like when im on meds i feel like i could easily manage my symptoms without them then when i actually stop i lose my ■■■■.

Sounds like you need them. :sunflower::sunflower::sunflower:

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Don’t stop your meds even if your psychiatrist accepts. I stopped for a year, my psy accepted, until I experienced another psychosis where 4 cops came to calm me because I was aggressive, suicidal, had hallucinations, delusional, paranoid and saying nonsense. The 4 cops followed the paramedics and the cops never left me until I was seen by an emergency psychiatrist after midnight. I was scared that they tase me if I don’t listen to them.

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Here in Canada health care is free and we only pay like 10% of meds price. I pay 18$CA for 30 Latuda pills (One month supply). You don’t have insurance? Cheaper meds don’t work?
Ask your psychiatrist if you can switch to a cheaper med.

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the med i used to be on is cheap and works better than my new med, it is just more sedating and makes me gain weight, im not even seeing the same doc anymore that wanted me to switch meds, but i think i may go back on this one so i dont go nuts

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There are other newer medications that are pretty inexpensive with good rx. I would just them but my tablet keeps autocorrecting them.

List them******

You can remove autocorrection, just youtube autocorrection + android or ios

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Sounds too difficult for me

Do you think you could afford something like abilify? It is weight neutral and has been out long enough now to where it may be more affordable. I am not sure.

You are definitely in a tight spot and I’ve been there before myself…to buy some more time you could ask your doctor if he has any samples of your current med you could get…or even just samples of any AP…I’ve gotten tons of free meds that way doctors hand out samples like candy. (I literally just got a 3 month supply of samples of a med today)

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