Need to immigrate to another country by end of 2020

I feel I need to immigrate to another by the end of 2020 at the latest,SZ took so much away from me for years,i feel iam not living to my potential.Where I live is a small island,beautiful glens,beaches etc, but small minded mentality and little job options also if you don’t to work in Finance/Gambling which I will not defo entertain as I think working in these industries is morally wrong.Also I feel my Business would grow much quicker/more successful in a bigger country and wish to study a Wildlife Conservation Degree which I can’t do where I live.

Hey man,

Go to the Maldives and just swim and surf…

I wish i could live there !!

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@anon39015889 Think of moving to your neck of the woods Buddy when I get my degree any advice

The US is pretty good for online businesses. It is however notoriously expensive if you have a medical problem, to the point that medical bankruptcy is common here.


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