Need to do something about my life

One of the best things thats happening is that my housemate I share a group home with is moving out a week on Monday. Thank god. So he won’t continue pestering me for alcohol and cigs and money for cocaine. I think the managers know that I’m vulnerable to exploitation so they was sure to move him as he is a bad apple.

So this gives me change to change my life around without much temptation with alcohol or drugs. I’m going to give it my best shot and get sober. I’m more a binge drinker but if I see other people drink alcohol I can’t control the temptation.

I’m finally going to sort my life out.


Good for you.

Do your best, that’s all we can do @bobbilly

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Good luck @bobbilly .

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Good luck. I know what it’s like. I moved to a senior citizen apartment building this year where there isn’t any drinking or drug use. My urges to drink are practically gone now.


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