Need tips for getting out of bed

I am supposed to get up at 9am

I always wake up at 4amish and end up awake for a couple of hours

And then I lie in till 12pm or 1pm

today was bad at 3pm

I can feel myself slipping

I have dropped out from the open uni as the degree was depressing with nobody to speak to

but I have a music production diploma class starting in February for 5 months

so I need to get up at 6am from now on

This is so tough

Also am I depressed if I can’t get out of bed? I don’t feel happy and my weekly workouts have been shifting to almost two weekly. I feel my self slipping again.


It could be depression, or it could be avolition (that comes with schizophrenia in some people).

I can get out of bed, but sometimes I can’t decide on what to do. Everything usually feels pointless (during most of 2023, anyways), but yesterday and today have gone okay. I made myself work on my writing, and it was a little easier to write today. I’m determined for 2024 to go my way.

Yesterday, I was able to listen to music for longer periods of time, because I read a book called Four Thousand Weeks, and it helped me learn that I don’t have to make all activities “useful” towards a more successful future, because the now is the only important thing. I’m trying to embrace more idleness. Rest should be rest and nothing that contributes to being better at a job, hobby, etc…

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Do you lie there in bed when you wake up at 4am?

When I wake up during the night, I take a pee and then meditate for 30 minutes. Then I return to bed to sleep. The meditation puts me in a relaxed state to get back to sleep more easily.

For healthy sleep hygeine use your bed for sleeping and not just resting. If you wake up and then are restless and can’t get back to sleep then get up, meditate/relax then go back to bed in a bit. See if this helps you.

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Sounds to me like you are simply having your negative symptoms exacerbated by a period of extra poor sleep.

I take melatonin to help me sleep, it doesn’t do much but it makes it easier to fall back asleep when I wake up and I wake up every single night. Took around a week to start working though and I take twice the amount the bottle says, I checked I am not overdosing or anything, the bottle was setting the limit at half the starting dose(why? F if I know. Make sure you check the bottle isn’t trying to underdose you as well).

I thought for sure it wasn’t going to do S but it turned out the help, however small, makes the difference for me, it might shorten how much you stay up after waking up at 4 which will naturally lessen your need to vegetate in bed the whole morning, at least that’s how it generally works out for me.

Another thing that helps me getting up from bed is an obsession to eat protein. I don’t want to eat, I don’t want to stand up and go to the kitchen, but I gotta get those bloody proteins and space them out through the day and that means I drag my sorry ass to the kitchen table if I have to by 10 am at the latest. Then I go back to bed and vegetate some more until 3-4 hours pass and I drag my ass to the kitchen again. Basically every four hours I need to eat 40g of proteins and obsessive though the whole thing undoubtedly is it forces me out of that bed and you know what they say about objects in motion, they stay in motion until they develop Schizophrenia :grin: or was it different? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I am not trying to pass onto you my obsession but eventually after taking up the task of getting up for the class things will get easier. You just need a clear impending goal to make you feel like you haven’t got a choice but to drag your sorry ass through the motions, and sleep you also need regular sleep. There’s nothing like a sense of impending doom to get you going in the morning. :thinking: Rise and Shine! :sun_with_face:

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Yeah I think you’re right, class will force me to get up early. I just don’t want to wait until Feb for early starts to happen.

I lie there but I’m not sure what time I fall back asleep again. I need to check my fitbit.

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Why do you need to be out of bed all day to do the class? It’s online right? If it’s not a problem make it work for you. You might have negatives like @Aziz

I have to travel by train for a couple hours for the class; it starts at 9am twice a week.

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Oh. Im trying to get back to bed at 8 or 9 each night. Last night I tried and woke up fully rested at 11pm.

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Get a cat. A cat will get in your face wanting to b fed. If you get that kind of cat. Bella gets in my face in the morning. Take a hot shower. Walk around your place. Do you take morning meds?

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I’m on no meds atm.

I’m gonna force myself to get up at 9am tomorrow.

I always think I’ll be tired but it’s mostly laziness and cos I don’t have a regular sleep schedule.

I both want and don’t want a cat. They’re cute and family but it’s extra hassle to look after one.

I think I have Winter Blues as well. Two more months till Spring in the northern hemisphere.

Ideally I want to wake when the Sun rises.

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I didn’t think it was possible, but I now go to bed at almost the exact same time every night.

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I hope you get to feeling better soon. Hugs

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