Need suggestions for non drowsy medications

So basically I’m sleeping too much on 50 mg of Loxapine I take it with Geodon. My symptoms are just okay managed. Could be managed better. I want to switch back to Vraylar as I was on it two years ago with success but I have no idea if my insurance will cover it. I’m just sick and tired of being tired all the time. Which meds don’t make you tired? I can’t tolerate Abilify so that’s out of the question.

I’m tired too and sleep a lot with Abilify which you can’t tolerate. I’ve taken all of the medications except for Vraylar and must say they all made me sleepy. I like Abilify because it does not make me too sleepy. I work as much as I can with it, but it is difficult. I hope you find the right med for you!

What was the problem with abilify? If akathisia, what was your dose? I had 22,5mg of abilify and got akathisia, years later i tried it again at 15mg and even at 20mg and had no problems.

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I was on 15mg and got akathisia really bad

You could see if you could get some paliperidone ( invega) I have had great luck with this med, doesn’t make me drowsy.

I lactated on Invega plus gained 40 pounds in 9 months. No good

I think I had to do a prior authorization to get latuda covered by my insurance. Maybe you can ask for a prior authorization for vraylar. Maybe latuda also would not be too sedating. Latuda is also not generic yet.