Need someone to talk too

I am not doing well. I am numb to the core and my insanity is getting worse. I don’t feel any pleasure in anything, just pain, and continuing to live a non progressive life. Today has been a very bad day. I am going to my pdoc tomorrow, and I am considering a voluntary submission into a short term mental facility. Really need someone to talk too, I’m not suicidal, but don’t care if I die.

Do what needs to be done - Hope you feel better soon

I think that being admitted to the hospital is a good idea. I always think it is a good idea if anyone feels like they might not be functioning as well as they could. Certainly experiencing lack of pleasure and a surplus of pain is as good a reason as any to seek help. I am sorry your day has been rough and I really hope things improve for you!
You matter. You deserve to feel better.

Not caring if you die is only a short step from suicidal. I’m glad you are going to your doctor tomorrow. If you go somewhere with Internet, keep us updated.


thank you for being there for me on that bad day.
Update: I had a good talk with my dad about life. I went to the pdoc the next day and decided not to be admitted into a mental facility, and am now prescibed a new medication that is supposedly going to help with motivation/focus. Thanks again
Take it easy ~ chris


What med? Abilify arapiprasole, by any chance?

Good luck with your new med

Stay on this site when you get out. It’s not as good as person to person communication, but it can help you feel not quite so alone. I’m finding the need to interact myself. I have a pretty high tolerance for isolation, but I do need some human company. For me, I don’t have to talk too much to others. Just having people in my presence is enough. I don’t even need that much of that. Just remember that things can get better. We’re concerned about you.

I’m glad you are feeling better. I hope the new med works for you, but make sure to pair it with other treatments too. Light exercise can help with the depressed feeling. Do you live near anywhere pretty to go walking?