Need some reassurance

This is my last thread of the day. I don’t want to spam the forum, but I’m looking for some reassurance. I am at home alone and nobody is watching me. The world existed before me and it will exist after I’m gone. Nothing I read in a book or see on tv has anything to do with me. Is this true? Sorry again, I don’t want to spam but this is a support forum and I need to hear the truth sometimes


No it doesn’t.

If you think the tv or books are directed at you , then this is called “delusions of reference”


It’s true.
The media is not about you, and the world is not dependent on your existence.


You need to relax or go to sleep for a bit if you feeling on edge

That never helps. People like @Pikasaur and @everhopeful are helping when they say what they’re saying.


I can reassure you. Nobody’s watching you.

Are you more afraid when your alone in the house?
I know i am

I understand what you are thinking. Try to tell yourself that it’s not happening. It’s real because it’s happening to you in your mind but just realize that it’s not happening outside your mind.

Thank you 151515

Thank you guys for talking to me and keeping me grounded. I needed that. I’ll try to stay in reality

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i can relate. feel better

I agree with what others say. The books and television have nothing to do with you.

That being said, about the world existing before and after you’re gone. That is probably true for everyone except maybe people with nuclear command codes for warheads. :grin: still, that doesn’t mean you can’t make the world a better place, however incremental it may seem, simply by being kind to others, it makes it better. In good there is no great good can begin without a small good, for good is, well, good.

So even in those times when maybe you feel insignificant in the grand scheme of things, you still leave an imprint if nothing else on the minds of those who have known you or are around you. I mean the universe is immense and maybe were are all just germs on a planet that can be either a symbiote or a parasite. :grin: but be the good germ!

Lol so much for being more concise in my posts. What I’m trying to say is, you’re a good dude, try not to see things in a bleak manner. I know I too have similar thoughts about myself, sometimes it just helps to be reminded we can still leave the world better than it was the day before and I believe that to be true everyday.


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