Need some insight -- Liars and Contradictions?

I need some advice. I’ve found some social workers/psych workers who will tell you two things that contradict each other lying to you about something. I mean, they would do this at work even without regard to the customers/patients. How do you handle these aside from excuse yourself and find another person to help you? (I quit the social services job where one of the staff started to act like this and other stuff would no longer talk to me. I had worked with the other people for 2 years without problems, just had a bad one hired & things went wrong. I’m not used to this kind of BS.)

When I found out some hospital nurses will act like this, I got REALLY concerned as I handle my aging parents solo. I’ve already seen some things about one local hospital that don’t look good and know about sex abuse in local nursing homes the cops/govt/senior services covered up. So I plan to move my parents away from here to smaller town where I know everyone & maybe do home care for as long as possible as I work online…

My parents were not threatened or mistreated by any of these human services/care workers, but my grandparent suffered a bad fate in nursing home here and it was covered up.

Some of the Drs here have been trying to get rid of me. I was told something rude/nutty by one Dr, then none could not keep his appointments straight at med school. Gyno has screwed me on billings twice now after one of the nurses snitted me. Sounds like time to leave area.

Being told two versions of same thing flared my old PTSD. This was temporarily lost in my selective amnesia only to come back up later as a bad joke when something bad happened to me. I can run at 100% job & self support, live independently without being aware of the temporary memory problems. Now I can recognize this behavior out of ‘threats’ and remember it…

Of course, I get the cognitive memory slips from tip of tongue as bad joke but just deal with it using lists.


Sometimes the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know.

I have a support system, but it needs frequent maintenance.



I like that saying Jayster. I’ve never heard it before this.

Can you give us an example? And… where do you live (like, what state)?