Need help with medication

I’ve stopped taking my medication for the last month and I can’t start again, no matter how much I try I don’t feel like I need it, but my family is begging me to take it again. I just feel like something awful will happen if I continue to take these meds. I literally can’t even swallow them I spit them out and get so mad when someone gives them to me. Anyone have any advice? I’m at a complete loss as to what I should do. :\ I want to take them but I know I can’t. They’re just not going to help and I have the never ending feeling of wanting to hurt myself coming back to me and I hate it.

If you dont like to take them orally you always have the option for getting a intramuscilar injection. i also hated to take my haldol everyday so they suggested for me to instead get a shot once a month and it was much better and less of a hassle.

I tried the shot and I liked it but my insurance refuses to cover it now and it is two thousand a month. So I’m left with pills.

that sucks. why are they refusing to cover the shots?

They insist that there are other medicines (pills) that I can take instead. Even with my psychiatrist saying I needed it.

Well you need to point out that you cant take them because they make you ill and that injections are the only possible solution to guarantee you a healthy and productive state of mind. i think they would want somebody who pays their bills and works instead of a mentally tormented person who struggles to keep a job.

I tried just about everything to keep my shot they said there is nothing they can do they refuse to pay for it.

what kind of shot were you getting?

Invega sustenna

yeah this drug is expensive compared to pills. but you need to plea again for them to cover it because you cant function otherwise. your insurance is forced to help you have a functioning life. otherwise whats the point of having this insurance?

It’s pretty much useless. I don’t even know how to plea with them again my new psychiatrist doesn’t help he just tells me to take my pills, yes if only it were that easy but unfortunately it’s not for me I just can’t do it. I feel like none of them are grasping the importance of getting myself a monthly shot. Even showing up for that appointment was hard, but at least it was only once a month.

If you don’t want to take your med’s you can do that, but keep in mind that if you mess up while you are not taking them they might hospitalize you and make you take your med’s. I would be guarded in what I do and say if I were you. Your family is anxious to get you on med’s, and they might take something you say the wrong way. I wouldn’t be totally against medication if I were you. If you can’t maintain while you’re not on med’s you might need to take them.