Need Guidance

Hey guys i want to take up a job.

i am in india.

i have about 8 yrs of computer programming experience.

but that was long ago and also i cant clear the job technical interview otherwise i would have got a job long back.

so i wont get a job in the IT field.

So what to do?

in which field should i search a job?

i dont want a call centre job.

I used to work for a teleoperator company. It was a callcenter job, but it was in the second line, meaning that people never called in, I just handled the technical order for customers wanting internet or phone subscription. I think later they combined first and second line, so nowadays they have to both take customers incoming calls and make their technical order.

However there was also something called third line which is basically a team that handles technical errors and faults in the system that is so advanced that first/second line can’t handle it. Maybe this could be a option? You would be working at a callcenter or something similar like a support team, but there would probably be no incoming calls. At most you might have to call the customer to say that their issue was fixed.

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thx for the suggestion.

but i am in india and dont know if these jobs r there.

also i am not interested in this kind of job.

i am looking for a more better job

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