Need cat advice

I wanted a dog. My pdoc said cat is better for me. Now all cats seem perfect for me on the shelter net page. But my roommate said she only allowes me to take a dog.

What should i do?

Do you have time and energy for a dog?

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No i dont. I would get a dog but i wount have enough time for a dog. Isnt cat perfect for me? When im out all day it will be sleeping?

yes. Dogs need SO much time and energy. You have to take care of them like a little baby basically. So

Cats are more independent. You will have to clean the litter once or twice a day, change the litter once a week, spend 20 minutes a few times a day petting and playing with them and the rest of the time they will sleep. You can refill the food bowl once a day, 3x a day the water bowl if it’s too hot.


All cats seem really smart. Like people. I really wanna have one of them…any of them.

Hang on a minute; I’ll go get him.


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