Need assist in accessing and posting

I am facing issue to access this site,
any of you guys know whats the issue.
And how to go about it.
It shows this message.

There are no drafts, I had one and deleted it.
I had these pop up as well.

I had cleared cookies and logged out of devices from the site setting.
Finally I have installed it in ubuntu as an app, as it gave me an option like youtube.
Still there is same issue.
Also after login it keeps loading. Had to close and open the page. Some time it works.

I would try to uninstall again. Then reinstall. It might take a couple tries. Have you restarted your computer?

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Yes I have now uninstalled and reinstalled, had restarted the computer as well. I have also allowed notifications, now it seem fine, works well now. No pop ups now :slight_smile:
Let me see if there is any issues while replying as there was an issue saying saving and pop up saying I am repeating statements. :crossed_fingers:

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