Need advice about Invisalign braces

My daughter has some teeth problems that need to be solved with braces. But she doesn’t like to wear traditional metallic braces. She says that it will be quite difficult in the future as the metallic wires may get poke up and cause injuries to the lips and mouth. Some of her friends are also facing problems while eating. I think Invisalign braces are more comfortable than metallic braces. Invisalign can prevent the horrible look for teenagers who probably don’t like to wear any braces. I have no idea about this, if anybody have any experience, I would like to hear from you


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I currently have invisalign braces. My advice is to NOT go for the cheaper mail-order alternatives like Smile Direct Club, Byte, Candid, etc. I used Smile Direct Club and they damaged my teeth so badly I now need Invisalign and a periodontist to repair the damage. So far it has cost me 3k extra instead of saving money.

I will say it depends how responsible your teen is. I would never trust mine with invisalign. You need to take the aligners out to eat and then brush and floss after every meal. Mine would DEFINITELY forget to brush, and DEFINITELY lose the aligners which costs like $50 to replace.

I wasted a few thou on it. Just ended up settling with my tooth spaces.

Probably a lot cheaper now hough.

Nah still between 4-6k.

My 15 year old stepdaughter did Invisalign thanks to her mom working at a dentist office. It worked really well. My 20 year old daughter had metal braces and hated it

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