Need a life

I love my family but i do feel kind of not close to my two sisters. T

I went to a therapist and tried to tell her my feelings and she tried to argue with me my feelings… It’s like because i’m schizo that means my feelings and opinions aren’t respected because my sisters are professionals with families??? Pissed me off. I didn’t go back.

i really need a life and more friends outside my family! I LOVE my sisters but i guess just need more friendship than what i’m getting from them. I wish we could be really close, mutually supportive best friends but we aren’t.

i might join a therapy group.
Thanks for listening.

now my sister texted me a nice message and i feel like a total b word for saying anything. I definitely need therapy and more friends.

Did you try meeting people through volunteering? Some community centers have clubs that you can join. You could meet people there.

Every Wednesday morning a Vineyard church offers free coffee and donuts. I walk in just to get my daily dose of social interaction.

I tried volunteering once and it was one of the worst experiences of my life. Not sure if you can volunteer while on disablity?? I wouldn’t mind volunteering with animals though!!!

That sounds nice!! I get out here and there and get some social interaction i just have no friends.

The non profit staff and well off volunteers act as if they are the welfare police. They scolded me for wearing shoes from WalMart. According to the lady of the matron I should be wearing shoes from Mission Services.


You might want to call social security about the rules regarding volunteering. I have a friend who collects SSI and he volunteers.

Actually, working with animals might be a good place to start. A lot of people like animals and if you have a common interest, you might be able to create some friendships from there.

Thanks Tanaka i will look into it. :slight_smile:

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i know how you feel bakedbeans. :slight_smile:

I have one brother who does this to me as well. If I stand up for myself to him, he say’s I’m the unstable one. He’s going through something dark right now. His wife is getting ready to leave him. But when he and I argue, he still insists that I’m the one unstable and unreasonable. I’ve seen how hard his life is lately so I don’t let him get to me like he used to.

Thanks for responding Surprised. what for me suck is that she is one of two sisters that i have to rely on when i’m ill. She is emotionally a lot stronger than me too so it’s hard to stick up for myself.

It’s is hard to stick up for myself with this brother too, especially knowing that he’s going to go for the “cheep shot” every time. But I just keep believing that there has to come a time when people see it’s not always me who’s off in my head. I’m lucky in that I do have some family members who are very objective and will give me the benefit of the doubt.