Neat Streaming Media Server

I know this is way off topic but I found a really cool application yesterday. Since I’ve become a movie and series nut as of late, I couldn’t resist posting about it. It’s a streaming media server, similar to XMBC. It’s called Plex and runs on almost anything, allowing you to stream your media to almost any device. I’m now using it to stream to my phone, tablet, and girlfriend. It’s really cool and I’m very impressed.

It was easy to set up and basic use is free. There are specialized apps that cost some money and a subscription service that adds some additional features but the main server and player is free. I couldn’t get cloud sync to work so I find the subscription a waste of money.

I don’t work for those devs, I just really dig the software and I’m excited about it. Check it out.

Main Screen

Movie Screen

Movie Detail