Nearly 2000 positive quotes I posted....!

How do I feel about it?

Like your ankles need some attention?

so spreading good quotes are needing attention

in your opinion

My opinion is that all ankles need a nip now and then.


I feel good btw helping others

I know the truth

That your ankle’s condition requires my dentition?

I am there for you!

[ nip ]


Your crptic post

makes me wonder

You spammed the forum - well done


spammed with brillant info

feck off

Better info comes out of my ass hole every time I sit on the toilet after a hot curry

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its not your fault your igoranat

get over it


Was that a deliberate joke?

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go along and play with your toys

2,000 so called inspirational meme’s posted, yet your words still came out of a donkey’s ass hole

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keep your jealous bu.llshit to yourself

I am a teacher