Near sighted and your symptoms

If I take my glasses off I can’t read far objects. When I put my glasses on things seem more intense. What I mean is symptoms too become more intense. But when I have my glasses off and people around me are a blur I don’t have that symptom.

the people are out of focus for you and you can not read their facial expressions…there fore making the situation you are in less intense… just a thought to what you are experiencing ( said the unqualified psyhcologist…)
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I read a book on psychology one time. You don’t have to have a phD to share what you know. My illness the social aspect of it, making contact with people emotions, breathing, heart impulses. My imbalance lies therein. SZ the illness is particular for every individual that has it. My symptoms were drug induced. Over the years many of the symptoms have gotten better. It was so bad in the beginning I could really notice it. Now today not so much at all. I still don’t engage in social interaction like a person without illness would. I find it helps focusing on breathing and smiling. Hope things feel more natural as time progresses. Have a good one.


I’m near sighted. I don’t know why but I remember a time where I felt more comfortable with my glasses off. It was like if I could see people more clearly then they could see me more clearly. Doesn’t really make sense but I remember feeling and thinking it.

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I have keratoconis in both my eyes. My left eye is so bad that I need a corneal transplant but I can’t afford it. I’ve got two sets of glasses. …one for reading and one that I use permanently.

I am very badly near sighted and I have glaucoma and the blind spot in my eyes has become wider. I must wear my glasses always, I would not see anything without my glasses.

I’ve never really thought about this before. But when I’m having a hard time with the hallucinations the first thing I do is ditch the glasses or the contacts.

Just goes to show that some symptoms are triggered by visual stimulus.

Yeah, I notice you go up and down. Sometimes you seem downright content. Other times hopeless. It’s good to hear you say that you’re happy the day after you were depressed. I guess this could fit anyone.

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Yeah that is my bi polar. I’m SZA. A lot of times I am content, then sometimes there will be something bothering me. Even when it gets bad it ain’t really that hopeless, I’ll complain more about how I feel than what is really merited.

I used to avoid getting physically close to people, it made me more symptomatic. I also avoided being in view of people’s windows, I only felt safe indoors. I really only found myself in social situations if I was sh1tfaced, which helped my symptoms, lowered the volume on the voices and made me quit caring about paranoia, I just didnt care if anyone was watching me when I was really drunk.

Except for one night when I was also on antidepressants and had an alcohol induced episode.

Speaking of drunk, Im hungover. I remember why I quit drinking, this sucks (although I was such an alky that I had a system down to prevent hangovers, I drank a ton of water before bed, was too spacey to remember to do that last night, thanks xanax). Looks like I will be the designated driver from now on!

And what I did last night is a super no-no. Drinking on xanax is dangerous, I only had like 6 beers and I have a hangover. It doubles to potency of alcohol, so its like I had 12 beers. I have genetics for alcohol tolerance, however, and it takes 20 drinks to make me slur my words and not walk in a straight line. For fun my friends and I would do those sobriety tests on each other back when I was hanging out with other alkys and I always won. People who dont have tolerance like me might be dead from what I did last night.

And Obama said pot is safer than alcohol. I can get wasted on alcohol but just like a med it has its side effect. That hungover feeling. I used to wake up early for school with a crushing hangover.

Because of that I can’t trust myself when I drink. It don’t matter since I been thru that phase. Some people get stuck in that phase. Live the lifestyle you want.

My father drinks lots of beer. I used to be right there with him drinking, but that is not my lifestyle.

Where this thread veered off course, I was talking about near sight. There is a difference between eye glasses and contacts when I wear contacts I can really see micro expressions in people’s face. My eye glasses are much weaker and don’t cover my whole field of view. Some days I want clarity some days I prefer not to see everything as good based on how I gauge my symptoms for that day. Be calm breathe. And relax.

So you feel like seeing little detailed facial expressions triggers symptoms? That actually makes sense. We detect the tiniest movements in people’s faces involuntarily and unconsciously and automatically make inferences based on them. It’s a good thing to study what tiny facial expressions (body language) mean. Heres a big page about it

its used in business to read people’s thoughts, basically. I had an English teacher in high school tell me about how they had to study body language when he worked in business. Very practical and interesting. It applies to social interactions, work, dating, home life, friendship, everything. What people say is not always what they think!

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That’s very intelligent. SZ symptoms actually get in my way of reading people’s expressions. It hinders my instinct making me judge too early or late before I assimilate the words, I must also get the final message from the body language. But often times my illness inhibits me from being able to hold eye contact or meaning. How am I suppose to do well in a job interview where they are constantly analyzing my expressions? When I find it hard to convey my own self. Because of this illness.

I don’t know if it’s the same way for you all. It may have affected you different altogether. But my words are directly from my own perspective of Sza. Thanks


I’m near sighted as well. They probably would have figured out a link years ago but I wonder if it has anything to do with psychosis.

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If I were all knowing I’d say it has nothing to do with psychosis. Psychosis is there near sighted or not. But a link yeah there is some correlation there. I don’t know everything.