Near halfway point in NFL season

Really these are the teams with the only chance to win the super bowl in my opinion. Rams, Saints, Steelers, Eagles, Panthers, Chargers, Chiefs, Texans, Vikings, and Patriots.

You don’t have a chance unless your team was listed sorry.


Yeah, I know my Lions have no shot at it. I guess I just have to be hopeful for next season.

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Jets will have a shot in 2021

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If they have a good draft and bring in a couple good free agents. They could probably compete. It worked for the Saints. The NFL is better when the Lions are really good.

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Yeah Darnold has a bright future. I think the leap from the 2nd or 3rd year is the biggest one when they figure everything out.

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Actually the Packers may have a chance.

According to Vegas the Bears and Redskins have a better chance than the Packers.

i like ur teams except for the panthers

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Yeah you may have a point @anon89143308

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