NCAA basketball one and done rule

I understand that the athletes should be able to make the transition to the nba to help theor family financially but this rule sucks as a fan.just when u think your team will win a title the team its best players

What really sucks is them charging to watch the college playoffs. I’m an Oklahoma University fan. Next year could be a good year for them. Baker Mayfield, their star quarterback, is returning, along with almost every player on the team. The only position they will have a hard time replacing is a defensive tackle position. Their young offensive line has gained experience. However; I looked at both Alabama’s and Clemson’s rosters, and they both have a lot of players returning. I think Alabama has to replace a quarterback and a running back, though.

I thought college football playoff games were free this past year im a washington huskies fan yea i remeber oklahome being relve t

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