Nature vs. Nurture

Well when the term “developmental” is used, I think of outside the womb- like life experiences, specifically. I just have been told that it isn’t due to life experiences- the stuff about gestation having an effect is different. Like trauma and schizophrenia, I was told when I asked my professor that the whole theory about trauma causing schizophrenia is just null these days. I did read the article, but it was vague and anyways, its 8 years old…


I tend to agree with you that trauma likely isn’t a big player when it comes to the development of schizophrenia. Although I hesitate to rule anything out, much of what I’ve read is consistent with what your professor told you about the theory of trauma causing schizophrenia being more or less “null.” Having said that, there’s still a lot about schizophrenia that isn’t known, and I think that it’s possible that more evidence to support a link between trauma and schizophrenia might emerge, but as for now, I think that what you’re saying is basically right.