Nature, she should be killed

I then realized that nature gave me a wife.

She’s cruel like that.

I thought “nobody wants me, how could they?”

But nature doesn’t give a ■■■■ does she.

She made sure of it.

She doesn’t want us to escape.

I despise nature, and i will kill her, ill remove her mask and kill her.

I was divorced before i got here, doesn’t matter the situation, i was always just doing my time and then leaving eternally.

My spine is aching.

Being single is a very difficult life, but I believe it is better.

Oh yeah who could argue it’s better, nice going and very smart.

Remember this?


You can’t compare what you don’t know, Chordy.
Life is never easy, no matter what situation you’re in, but it makes a huge difference when you are only responsible for yourself. Then if you aren’t happy with the way your life has turned out, in the end, there is no one else to blame but yourself.

I think I remember that. It hit me when she said - It’s not nice to fool mother nature - then the crash of thunder…thanks

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I’m down. Nature spin kicks me in the uterus repeatedly for a week every month.

nature is the true garden of man. his precarious foundations of dead rock and wood are testimony only to his weakness. how long will he follow illegitimate gods?

I think a marriage is a good thing for us…i dont want to be single for the rest of my life. But thats just me. Whatever floats your boat.

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Same here,would love to have my own family and little mobc,lol

Until the bitter end im afraid.

It’s like we need a second chance or something.