Natural selection may have purpose for schizophrenia


Very interesting. This report says that sz/sza may be preserved genetically because of creativity and genius factors.


And for need of diversity in patters of human mental functions

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Natural selection is outdated, we need to destroy it now…

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What is new ?..

Rational selection. :wink:


Porno selection


The same is said to be true of ‘mental retardation’.


madness and genius are intertwined… both must be present to change the world… the degrees of each must be just right for the spark to catch fire…


Yes, and then there are the Heaven’s Gate leaders who blow a fuse… It’s a balance. For that kind of mentality, I pick William Blake, whose nuttiness was tempered with sense. Van Gogh also had insight into his own illness. His letters to his brother lament how much better his art might’ve been without sz. On the other hand, he attracted a lot of attention to himself…


the balance becomes all the more important when you gain influence over others…it seems the more dangerous ones relish in power over others… while the more peaceful prefure solitude… either way the impact is noted… some examples should be taken as what not to do…

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Natural selection no longer applies to humans to a reasonable degree. We have conquered many diseases through vaccines, hospitals , science and the social security - a good thing - but all this means that humans are pushing aside the natural law and now are preventing the species from suffering some of it’s key vulnerabilities.

This means we now have unnatural selection, and there is no telling how humans will evolve with the intervention of science to prolong life - this is very recent phenomenon.

A good book to read is HG Well’s the time machine - it’s a short story but it deals with the topic of natural selection in an interesting way.

As for the purpose for Schizophrenia, I fail to see how crippling the mind to the point where we have to take powerful tranquillisers is productive.


hmm i disagree :slight_smile:

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I believe this or it makes sense to least.

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I feel the same… I just ramble… this was atleast coherent lol…

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But who will select? there are only us irrational humans to be in charge of that job. :smile:

We may be a bit irrational but nature is… evil.

strange, I have that opinion too. :scream_cat:

even watching graphic nature shows makes the hair on the back of my neck stamd up.

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beautiful but deadly… evil is a human construct that does not apply or even factor into the movements of such primal forces…

Crippling the mind?

Yes but for every 1% of the population, there maybe 1% of that sub population that figures that ■■■■ out. Then you have something special. Who knows, natural selection via schizophrenia, maybe changing the world around you. For good and bad. That’s the scary part.