Natural Remedies for anxiety/ mental health

Hey guys,
So if you’ve been keeping up with me and my posts you may know that I have been off my meds for quite some time now. I finally spoke up and let my family know I need to be put back on meds. But there’s a problem. I have insurance in Georgia, but I moved to Alabama so I have to apply for a whole new coverage plan in order to get any insurance. :frowning:

I called and tried to go through with the application, but you don’t qualify unless you have an income. Grr…
Good news is I just got a job, so (I’m guessing) I just have to wait until I get my first paycheck and then I can apply for the new insurance. (WHAT A MESS! AH!)

The purpose of this post is…
Is there anything I can take that isn’t prescribed by a doctor that will help out my anxiety and mental health in the meantime? My mom’s willing to buy me what I need (if i can find anything) and she will be researching ‘natural remedies for mental health’ as well. My first instinct was to get on the forums and ask you guys if you have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for any ideas, I appreciate you guys very much. I really do!

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Cbd…don’t get weed with high cbd but rather concentrated cbd they sell in head shops here can help some people

I’ve found l theanine to be very helpful for temporary anxiety relief… I started getting drowsy from it lately but it helps at times… It is an extract from green tea… Great stuff


Not so much what you take right now in the natural side, but what to avoid, like sugar, coffee, soda pop etc will keep you calmer not using stimulants.

I don’t think my mom could get this in Georgia… I would love to try it out though

They have online websites for wholesale so you can probably get it

Good luck :slight_smile:

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Be careful with the natural remedies, than can interefere with the meds and cause serious reactions. Research and/or ask your pdoc before taking anything.

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Omega 3s and B vitamins

Medication is by far the most effective for most people. But until you can see a doctor, you might try these:

and / or

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Thank you for all the information!

My mom just ordered me theanine. So im really excited to see that you listed that. I hope there’s not a certain brand that’s better than the others. Lol

I’m not on any meds right now. That’s why I’m looking for vitamins. Theanine is a vitamin right?

I don’t know, I know it’s derived from tea. I don’t think you have anything to worry about mixing it with meds in the future though


I just read a topic about theanine on the forums and it sounds really promising. I’m excited to try it out. And people didn’t say anything about bad reactions with their meds, and I also read theanine is super safe. So you’re probably right. :slight_smile:

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if it is anxiety that is the problem, try things like chamomile tea with honey when you wake up (it is the go-to for sleep), benadryl for insomnia, and maybe…hmm…melatonin…

besides that, try deep breathing routines. Animals help too…service dogs are a great idea…that with some breathing techniques should be useful. A Mediterranean diet is supported to help. So is social interaction, so try a church group or something with nice people, don’t go to a dive bar for social interaction. Social interaction is not emphasized enough.

Really, have structure, exercise, and the rest I just wrote, and that should help at least some.

But really, really really, you need an antipsychotic.

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You should not neglect physical activities like swimming, walking. I’ve recently tried thalassotherapy for which schizophrenia is sometimes considered as a medical contraindication (but mainly on acute episode)

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I think you should try Gotu Kola which is a herb that grows in Sri Lanka, if you are still looking for a natural alternative. In my experience it was worth it.

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