Natural chemical found in strawberries reduces mental effects of aging in mice


blueberries give me x ray vision

Interesting. You can get it on

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My boyfriend and my first fight had strawberries involved.

He said you are not buying strawberries we already have fruit.
I said they are on special and I want some for our trip.(they were really cheap n much cheaper than usual)
Then he said I’m not going to my neigher.
I said yes I am.

After that we almost broke up cause I was concidering staying in my state.
I then told him I am not in any religion and I do not believe the woman should obey her man.
I believe sometimes my man can n should obey me and that it can work both ways or in a respectful flow n team yet have differences.

Strawberries are delicious and healthy.

We had strawberries on our journey.:blush::pray:t3::heart:️:v:t2: