Nat'l Mental Health Day (belated)

I went on my Facebook page today, which I don’t do often, and a guy I “know” there, Matt Fanale, an Industrial musician aka “Caustic”, made a post pointing out Nat’l Mental Health Day, speaking up and out about mental illness, his own struggles, and just did a fantastic job of being real with it in a venue where total phonies and egotists are pretty much the rule.
As an aside, I noticed immediately how radically different FB and our threads are. Bearing in mind that my “friends” are mainly non-mainstream artists, musicians, etc., my FB experience is full of ego, narcissism, snarkiness, insults, lies, blah blah etc, whereas these threads people are human, thoughtful (as in full of thought) real, so much more so than the purportedly relatively “regular/normal” people, akin to stepping from a cesspool into a spring. And when I check in on the “citizens” I know, it’s like pod people, fulfilling somebody else’s idea of what that life is supposed to be. :face_vomiting:


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