Natalie Portman lays eggs

I think Natalie Portman lays eggs. Glorious eggs. I bet if you looked in her house you would find a nest where she lays her eggs. Im sure if you talked to actors they would tell you she laid eggs on the set of V for Vendetta. Monsters hatched from her eggs and attacked the camera crew. I wish Natalie Portman would lay eggs in my garden. Do you think she would come if I built a nest?


Do you really believe this?

I want to believe it. I just want somebody to lay eggs in my garden. I want to see what hatches from the eggs. I think monsters

i think the only way to know for sure is to build the nest. But beware - I think she would be a very secretive egglayer, and easily frightened away.


Well, I think if you asked her, I know what she’d say.


Secret monsters :slight_smile:

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:speak_no_evil: :dragon_face:

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I saw Winona Ryder on TV laying an egg as big as a baseball.


Id like to see that

Okay, out of curiosity, I googled “girls laying eggs.” There are some things you just can’t unsee!

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Lol! Thanks for the warning

What do you think is inside winona ryders egg? :egg:

Sugar and spice and everything nice.

Probably stolen purses.

I want to have a child from an amniotic egg. I want to lay it whilst squatting three times my body weight.

I would name him Eggbert or if a she, Eggberta.

I would raise him to be a Navy SEAL. I would raise her to be a surgeon.


I thought this was incredibly weird until I realized I lay eggs.


It’s not Natalie Portman, it’s her evil twin, Natasha.

monsters are possible: the dreaded ‘gila monster’

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What color are her eggs? How big are they? How do they smell? How do they taste?

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